75% of Ashford Parish Wards Uncontested

Of the 67 parish council wards due to be contested on 2nd May, only 17 will now be contested. The remaining 50 have either received the requisite number of nominations or have a shortfall of candidates.
In Kennington, one of two new parish councils, there is a shortfall of 10 candidates, with only 6 nominations for a total of 16 vacancies with one parish ward, Little Burton, not receiving a single nomination for four vacancies.
These parish councils will now need to co-opt additional councillors. Anyone interested should contact their parish council clerk for more information.

The parish councils are not alone in this, six of the Ashford Borough Wards will also find themselves with no choice on the ballot paper for borough councillor. In all six of these wards conservatives have been elected uncontested, the sixth highest number of uncontested borough council wards in England.

Full details about the upcoming local elections can be found on the Ashford Borough Council website election pages

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