Do you cycle or walk around the borough regularly?

Would you like to walk or cycle more but feel there’s something that stops you from doing so? 

Ashford Borough Council is currently seeking your views on the proposals for a new Cycling and Walking Strategy for the borough, which aims to improve sustainable methods of transport and make the town more accessible. 

Key projects have been proposed in order to achieve these aims. These projects include:

  • To provide and improve the cycling and walking network
  • To increase cycle parking around the borough
  • Maintaining the existing cycling and walking network
  • Focusing on safer cycling
  • Promoting cycling and walking in the borough
  • Increasing opportunities for cycling and walking tourism

The Cycling and Walking Strategy has six main aims:

  • Up-to-date cycle routes and cycle parking;
  • Ongoing maintenance and improvements of current routes;
  • Enforcement practices to ensure the safety and attractiveness of cycling and walking;
  • Promotion of cycling and walking through working partnerships aimed at delivering information and training, and;
  • Producing borough-wide maps to promote tourism and usage of the new routes.

The council is asking for your feedback which will be used to inform any changes to the proposals, as well as gauge the levels of public support for the strategy. 

If you have a view on this then you can take part in the survey using this link

The survey is running until Friday June 21st.

You can read a summary of the strategy here and the full story can be found here


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