Are Ashford Eurostar travellers being given the run around?

Passengers travelling to and from the continent on Eurostar are finding that their train will not be stopping at Ashford even though they have tickets to and from Ashford.

This was the experience of a traveller who was told that she had to go to Ebbsfleet as the train she had a ticket for would now not be stopping at Ashford.

Other passengers report that this is a common occurrence:

“On one of my own recent trips on the service we were told only as we checked in that our train would not be stopping at Ashford International as planned and we would have to go into London and then get a train back out to Ashford. It seems this is a common occurrence.”

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    9 months ago / 25th August 2018 @ 8:48 pm

    The problems just seem to continue

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