Coming to a bin near you very soon.

The green bin is for recyclables.

Black bags, food and nappies do not go in the green bin. Sensible people might think that is obvious, but a few lazy or not so sensible residents are causing a huge problem for Ashford’s recycling efforts.

Over the weekend, Phill Thorne alerted us to this issue. See what he had to say about the matter Phill Thorne Pontificates.


Like us, you may have already spotted posts on social media in recent days, relating to recycling various waste products. Ashford Council are running an anti-contamination campaign to improve the quality of Ashford’s recycling. This follows a number of rejected loads at the Material Recovery Facility due to contamination such as blag bags and nappies.

Watch out because the bin police will be stickering offenders.

From the 2nd of September Ashford Borough Council will be carrying out a ‘stickering’ campaign where any bin that crews or council officers come across containing black sacks, food or nappies/sanitary waste will not be emptied and a sticker will be left on the bin showing the resident what the incorrect items are. This will be taking place every day during recycling weeks and it will involve areas throughout the whole borough.

What constitutes contamination?

There are several things that cannot go in your recycling bin. The main offenders are:

• Black sacks
• Food
• Nappies/sanitary waste
• Polystyrene
• Textiles/clothing
• Electrical items
• Soft plastics/plastic film e.g. carrier bags, bread bags and cling film

If you want to know what goes where, check out this A-Z of waste .

The background to this anti contamination campaign can be found on the council website

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