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Food and Drink

Where is the best place to eat out around Ashford? If you know about a great restaurant, pub or tea shop serving fantastic local produce don’t keep it to yourself !


  1. I must be one of the last in Ashford to find out about the delights of Amici Restaurant in North Street Ashford. But if I am not the last then you like me might be in for a very pleasant surprise. Great food, great wine and great service….. You will probably have to book in advance as it is very popular.
    Amici Restaurant Ashford

  2. Unashamedly, another wine related post !

  3. Hello. I would like to start my wine reviews off with the French reds this week. All wines I will give my opinion on are under £10 and available from local supermarkets. Taste buds are unique to every individual and my opinions are solely based on my experiences in the world of wines .

    St Chinian from the Languedoc 13.5%ABVSt Chinian

    Tesco’s finest range have brought out some real gems in its time and this one I feel has the potential of being in the top 10, (ROBE) Deep purple, with a bold undertone, (NEZ) A slight balsamic aroma over taken by lashings of rich dark fruits,(BOUCHE) herbs are produced slowly in the mouth followed by wild fruit flavours.

    This wine can be enjoyed on its own or with beef, lamb, pork or venison. For maximum enjoyment leave decanted 2 hours in a dry place room temp.
    Richie rating of 3 out of 5 stars.

    La Maison Elyse Cabernet Sauvignon 13%ABV
    St Chinian

    Asda has long been a great visiting ground of mine for wines. Their range includes some positive bright and fruitful winners of the ISWC. The wine I have chosen this week has character and subsequent vintages could herald a price increase due to the quality and nature of this wine. (ROBE) Deep purple tone, (NEZ) A suggestion of red olive groves followed by a fruit packed punch,(BOUCHE) The fruit flavours allow a full bodied richly smooth experience, and a subtle hint of mint from the cabernet tops it off.

    Great dinner party wine to serve to red lovers and can be enjoyed with all roast meals and cheese boards.
    For maximum enjoyment leave decanted 3 hours in a dry place room temp.
    Richie rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

    Bouchard Grand Conseiller Pinot Noir 12.5%St Chinian
    We visit tescos again for my third wine this week. I came across this one after a friend gave me a bottle to try. Iam a big fan of Pinot Noir and love its texture and complexity as a grape.( ROBE) Deep violet pale ruby red tone (NEZ) A definite toasty aroma accompanied by red sweet fruits of cherry and smoky undertones of liqourice.(BOUCHE) Rich washes of fruit and spice followed by a silky coating of the tanning structure allowing it to have balance.
    Great gifting wine and a conversation piece at the table during dinners.
    For maximum enjoyment leave decanted 3 hours in a dry place room temp.

    Richie rating 4 out of 5 stars.

    Richard Miller is an independent wine expert. Richard offers a comprehensive view of wines from around the world and reviews wines that are available through various sources; supermarkets, restaurants and wine retail outlets. He hopes the information that he provides will help you better enjoy your wine and expand your wine knowledge.

  4. “May the wines of the world today be the nectar of your life tomorrow”

    Archaeological evidence suggests the earliest known production of wine, made by fermenting grapes, took place between the Caucasus and the Middle East, with evidence of wine making at different sites dated from 6000 BC in Georgia, 5000 BC in Iran, and 4100 BC in Armenia.
    The best and only way to describe a bottle of wine red, white or rose is to first start with the colour (Robe) as the French say ,Then the nose ( Nez) and last but not least the taste or (bouche) when you read a review on wines you will find the wine described in this order.
    During my presentation of wines I will also introduce a variety of great wineries in and around Kent and east Sussex to go visit this summer, if you do have any queries about my post/s please don’t hesitate to contact me I’m happy to help.
    I will also introduce restaurants with great wine menus and helpful tips on wine and what to do with unwanted bottles.

    My name is Richard Miller. I offer a comprehensive view of wines from around the world.
    I review wines that are available through various sources supermarkets, restaurants and wine retail outlets. I hope that the information that I provide will help you enjoy and expand your wine knowledge.

  5. The Little Teapot is open on Bank Holiday Monday (tomorrow). If you are in town it would be rude not to pop in.
    See what others say about The Little Teapot
    The Little Teapot

  6. Here is a little gem tucked away in Kennington with great reviews on Trip Advisor

    Williams and Thomas Tea Rooms

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