Givaudan Ashford 10k Road Race – Sunday 7th October

Over 1000 runners will take part in the Givaudan 10k this Sunday. Originally the Julie Rose 10K it is now in its 32nd year and is hailed as one of south of England’s top 10k races.

The weather forecast is fair so scenes of 2013 should not be repeated, when the road near to the Julie Rose Stadium was flooded as our roving reporter Phill captured on his phone.

Video – Givaudan 10k Runners perform the "Reverse Moses" (stay with it…and if you spot yourself, tell us)

Publiée par Total Ashford sur Dimanche 13 octobre 2013

As usual there will be a number of road closures to be aware of so if your journey is time sensitive then you should make alternative arrangements. There will be dozens of marshalls around the course who will be working hard to keep everyone safe. If you are a driver please be patient and do spare a thought for the back markers when you are driving by.

Here are the published road closures.

Good luck to all the runners from Total Ashford !

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