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  1. These are really good news, but no mention of the refurbished Swan with good beer and good food home-cooked, live acoustic music most Thursdays, or the Cafe de Paris, opening at the end of this week on North Street, both good places to add to life in the evenings.
    Where’s the Glass House?

    1. Thanks for your comments @jimdavies and @mikebiggles . You are so right that there are other great venues around the town and will make sure to give them a shout out in a future post.
      The Glass House is at the former job centre building at 22 High St.

  2. A well-written piece Phill and I can only agree. It’s a shame so many venues have a strict over 18 policy after 8pm (LOT 7 Ashford, The Penny Theatre and Lady Luck both in Canterbury to name a few) as my sons are in a band and like watching other live bands but because of their age (17 in Nov) aren’t allowed in even with their old Dad accompanying them. Also it’s just too easy to stay indoors and crash on the sofa compared to the thought of getting ready to out, nowhere to sit in a small crowded pub, the price of drinks etc, wandering around town at night (avoiding the weirdos!) etc. Thank God for the free summer festivals where the kids do get, probably their first opportunity, to witness the power and spectacle of a live band in action!

  3. The problems just seem to continue

  4. Marsh link.
    This is a lazy article, Putting wires up does nothing for speed. The track would need to be re ballasted throughout, realigned and doubled in places, and re-signalling would be required before faster running could take place. The business case to purchase a new fleet of trains for these few kilometres is risible. There is a risk to services to stations such as Ham Street and Appledore if this proposed new service were to be implemented, due to the need to keep the length of journey down.

  5. I would just like to say that the tribute “Over the Top” installed in the Memorial gardens is absolutely superb.It s well worth making a special trip just to see it.

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