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  • Cyclists on Pavements

    Admin posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    Am I imagining it or are there more cyclists using the pavements than ever before?

    Driving into the office each morning, as you might expect there are queues of traffic heading towards the town centre and a lot of people on the pavement.

    However, the pavements in most cases are too narrow for pedestrians and cyclists, particularly when cyclists are travelling in both directions!

    But one has to have a certain amount of sympathy for the cyclists because they put their lives in danger on our congested roads. If they cycle at the edge of the road they will either be trying to avoid the numerous potholes and if they have to swerve around the potholes then they are putting their lives in danger.

    Of course if they take up their rightful position in the road they will likely cause road rage amongst drivers these days. So what is the answer? Education of all parties, a proper cycle network? Do you have a view?

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