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  • Bad driving - part 2

    Admin posted an update 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    I experience lane blocking nearly every morning on Magazine Road roundabout, someone else in our office perpetually complains about inconsiderate drivers on the A28 Chart Road ‘Matalan’ roundabout, who refuse to queue but rather come around the outside of the queuing traffic and cut in at the last moment. Then there is the tank roundabout…but enough has been said about that on previous occasions. Do you experience similar issues around Ashford?

    • Unfortunately this an all to common thing all over Ashford , I don’t think it is helped in any way by the council/kcc with there views on traffic management and there consistency to make all the roads worse !! Simply look at the station area , whoever came up with the idea of putting those totally useless pieces of concrete in the middle of the road needs shooting , the buses cannot turn right into the station without hitting the concrete obstacle (already paint marks all over it ) , the powers to be seem to think we are unable to drive around our town without traffic lights every 50 yards and useless billiards everywhere , and then people complain about pollution in the town , yer of course there is because most of the traffic is sat stationary because of the traffic management , u don’t have to be Einstein to figure that 1 out !!!

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