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  • Ashford Town Centre needs an identity or attraction

    Admin posted an update 1 month ago

    Having berated the lower high street general and farmers markets, I thought that it was about time that I made a suggestion for improvement.
    On a recent long weekend in Vienna I visited Naschmarkt, one of the oldest markets in the city which attracts thousands of visitors every week.
    Naschmarkt, Vienna
    Image ORF/Laura Schrettl

    Apart from its 9 Greengrocers, many cheese specialists, sausage and fish sellers, it is the close proximity of the traders and convivial atmosphere of the place that is one of its greatest features. Small bars and bistros serve drinks and light lunches to locals and tourists seated down long pathways covered by awnings.

    OK so Ashford is no Vienna but what is to stop us from having a permanent structure covering the length of the lower high street with a nice little open square around the fountain and then continuing down the street?

    Naschmarkt dining

    Traders could lease the units hence recouping the investment, and it would provide an attraction by night as well as by day.
    Of course, this is not the only model but lets get the discussion going !

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