Mr ‘Daytimes’ – Phill Thorne looks back over the past week

I’m not Webbo or Steve Monk but great to know you are there

For those who might not be aware, I’ve just started doing the “Daytime” radio show on Radio Ashford, every day of the week from 10am – 2pm. Its quite an eclectic station to work on, being sandwiched in between two legends, Webbo and Steve Monk, and its quite early doors still for me, even though I’ve been around a while. Listeners still keep calling me by either the previous presenters name or Webbo’s name. You can’t take that personally, at least they are listening to the station, even if they are not listening to you directly!!!

However, one of the things I’m aiming to do with my show is give the community its voice. By that I’m going to be arranging for local guests on a regular basis to come in and talk about just exactly what motivates them to get out into the community and try and make a difference. It could be from a charitable point of view, it could be from a local business point of view, where they see their business as being different to everyone else. It could be from the world of arts, music, sport. Or it could just be A.N.Other who wants to publicize the fact that their community is doing an event to help their community.

From cardboard instruments to salad boxes

On Monday this past week I spoke with Debra McGee, CEO of Revelation Ashford. We spoke about a lot of events but primarily about something called the Cardboard Orchestra. It was a uniquely commissioned project working with three schools in the area to make orchestral instruments, then learn how to perform with them and then finally hold a concert in Revelation itself and it culminated in what was a very lively and entertaining performance in Revelation itself on Wednesday afternoon.

On Tuesday I spoke with Aimee Grace Godden, from Gracefully Boho Designs. You may not know her yet but you will. She created the wonderful “SpreadyourwingsinAshford” mural on the front of the old Mecca building in the lower High Street and, with council support likely, is going to be putting sets of wings across various other parts of Ashford. I see that as this years “Snowdogs”, there are going to be so many photo opportunities and lets face it, most people enjoy a selfie. Apart from radio presenters, that’s why we do radio!

On Wednesday, Havva Aykac who owns Salata Ashford came in to talk about how they want to give more of a healthy eating lunch option across the town and with so much emphasis these days on being healthier and primarily eating healthier, this is definitely one place worth a visit in town.

Havva Aykac who owns Salata Ashford came in to the studio to talk salads!

On Thursday, Rose Thorogood from ABC joined me to talk all things Create ahead of the event on 20th July in Vicky Park (in case you didn’t know). So much effort goes into these events and what really struck me about Rose was that she’s fresh out of a degree course in events management, but has the knowledge, confidence and ability in abundance for ABC to give her such a huge role in one of the major events of the year, and quite frankly, with everything I’ve seen to date, she’s nailing it!

And of course music is my first love

Finally on Friday, I spoke to two ladies whom I know well about their current projects. Stella Loftus, great lady with a great  voice ( she’s the singer in Stella n The Loft)and a ninja like stealth in sorting out her and husband Jim’s charity event Loftyfest which this year is raising money for Headway and The Stroke Association. Sam Griffin ,fellow Radio Ashford presenter, former cohost of mine on the Weekend Breakfast, also came in, not just to talk about what she’s doing with the weekend show now she’s on her own, but also the outfit she’s going to be wearing at the Create festival, one that’s being created alongside Mel from Made in Ashford to promote the empowerment of women.

All in all, its been a huge week on the show, so much going on in and around our area. Don’t let the nay-sayers tell you that there is nothing happening, nothing to do, nowhere to go, nowhere to socialise. If you stop, look and maybe even listen for a minute, you’ll find something.

Have a great weekend!

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