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Ashford has, since 2014, made its mark on the recycling process in Kent.

For many a year our town had no direction, no policy and frankly no intent to be any part of recycling. Then the collective eyes opened and now here we are in 2019, five years of fortnightly green/grey bin collections onward and now we face, as householders, another request, not unreasonable, from the local authorities to spend a little bit more time actually deciding what goes in what bin in order to be able to recycle it properly.

As I said, its not unreasonable. Only the careless and care-less would put soiled nappies and dog waste in recycling bins. However, what percentage of our population is drilled in thinking that microwave meal black plastic dishes aren’t recycleable. Its about education and I for one am quite happy to work with that in order to become comfortable that I’m doing my bit.

I don’t really think that stickering bins to shame people is going to work that well, it might prod a few into upping their game but again, what’s the alternative?

However, I’d like to raise an issue which one of the National Citizen Service groups that came to visit me at the radio station wanted to raise awareness of, and that was before “Stickergate”.

What about the public bins?

Why aren’t the public waste bins in town and in the various parts of town recycle friendly? Why aren’t there separate sections for people to recycle rubbish when they’re out and about. Its great that people use the bins but surely if they were to watch one of the great Biffa chaps who work through emptying the contents into their respective carts, they don’t stand there and sort through it to put recyclables and non-recyclables in different bins, it all goes in one cart. Surely before shame therapy on local residents who might have been not concentrating, surely a few bins with the option to recycle in town and the surrounding areas would set a good example??? There has been a reduction of dog waste bins in certain areas of town and residents are actively encouraged to put rubbish and dog waste in the same bin…..surely that goes against what the council is trying to instil with the stickers.

What do we need to do to get this happening in town, the appearance of recycling bins and the reinstatement of dog waste bins. It really would pass the message on to everyone that if the town centre takes it seriously, why shouldn’t we?

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