Phill Thorne gets CREATE-IVE !

Create is this weekend and if you had something else in your diary you had better change it now.

I think I’ve only ever missed one since its inception in the latter part of the 1990’s. It’s a completely different animal now from what it was then and anyone expecting it to ever return to those days is about as likely to get what they want as Woolworths is to return to the High Street. It ain’t happening.


So what can you expect from the Create Festival day in Victoria Park itself. 4 stages, loads of other activities and plenty of places to sit, relax and enjoy what is the biggest attended FREE event in the area.


Music wise this year, it’s the most varied its ever been. That said, you’ll no doubt hear the “Grumblies” as I now call them stating that there isn’t what they want to see there… apologies, truly there is so much musical variety in this world now that not every genre is going to be catered for, and those that aren’t going have probably spent their pensions getting tickets for Rambling Man instead, thankfully Southeastern have taken pity on them this year and not scheduled a mammoth set of engineering works for the same weekend like they have the last couple of years!

Lets look at the Stages and my tips to go see

Firstly, the Revelation stage
1330; Thomas Ashby
1545; Karobela
1630; Lake Folks
1715; Estelle Mey
1900; The Fontanas

The Community Stage sponsored by County Square
1510; Freyja Ellen Cook
1715; Iona and Ben

The DJ Stage sponsored by Ashford College
1300; DJ Rev
1400; Dolly Doowop
1700; Slope Wild

Finally the Main Stage
1200; Cooper Stout
1415; The Unblessed – My tip for the whole event to blow the socks off everyone!!!
1500: Jaz Ellington
1555; Luca Afrobeat
1840: North America

And of course, to finish off in style THE LIGHTNING SEEDS!!!

Create is the regions largest FREE music festival

Get there early, some of the stages start at 11:45.

Get some suncream on, the weather is set fair, get your programmes, work out your route around the acts…..

And get CREATE-ive!!

See you there!

To find out more visit Create Festival website

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