Riverside Park developers, push move in dates – Tenants left frustrated

Ashford’s regeneration scheme has attracted many investors looking to launch lucrative projects. Those include residential builds, many of which have already been completed and made available for tenants. However, one of Ashford’s flagship projects is facing some serious roadblocks to the detriment of tenants.

Although leases for properties in the apartment complex have been signed and deposits made, there is still no indication when tenants will be able to move in.

A new dilemma crops up every week, move in dates are constantly being postponed and dozens of tenants are left exasperated having to find last minute arrangements.

Tenants were offered compensation of a few weeks worth of rent, which several find unsatisfactory especially as it’s been over a month of delay. In addition to this, the developers are hesitant to share details on what type of construction defects they are tackling which concerns tenants and buyers greatly.

It also poses the question whether Ashford Council are genuinely committed to delivering this regeneration project. There seems to be little effort to intervene and act in the interest of these new residents moving into the area – it’s been weeks and weeks of delay with no clarity on this situation. This leading development is riddled with issues, tenants are being offered abysmal compensation packages and uncertain whether they will have a house by Christmas.

This project was launched in Spring 2017. It was forecast to be completed in early 2019 but we are now weeks away from 2020 and tenants don’t know where they stand. This cannot continue and Ashford Council need to step in.

We encourage you to join us in speaking out – get in touch with the Victoria Ward councillors, Charles Suddard (charles.suddards@ashford.gov.uk) and Dara Farrell (dara.farrell@ashford.gov.uk)


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