Unmarked lorry helps stop more than 40 drivers

In just 5 days (5-9 March) Kent Police’s commercial vehicle unit have stopped 44 drivers for traffic offences using an unmarked lorry cab.  Of those stopped 31 were for using a mobile phone at the wheel. A further six were stopped for driving at excessive speed and two were stopped for travelling in lane three of a motorway.

Sergeant Grant Steele, from Kent Police’s Roads Policing Unit, said:

‘This unmarked lorry cab, provided by Highways England, is one example of the innovative ways we seek to keep our roads safe. ‘We are committed to protecting and serving road users in Kent and our patrols will continue to take action against those placing others in unnecessary danger.

Sergeant Steele went on to say:
‘Driving while distracted by a mobile phone is one of the four most common causes of a fatal injury – it is not acceptable. ‘Choosing to ignore the law means you are deciding that your phone call, text message, is more important than someone else’s life.’

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