Welcome To Total Ashford

Goodbye Streetlife, hello Total Ashford, welcome to the new online community for people who live in Ashford.

We’ve put this new site together extremely quickly, to plug a gap being left by the closure of Streetlife.com. If you didn’t already know, Streetlife is in the process of being amalgamated into the Nextdoor.co.uk platform.

Around a year ago we put the Total Ashford website as it used to be on indefinite hiatus due to a lack of time/resources to continue its rather labour intensive operation and as sites like Streetlife, Google event listings and others were filling the void in local life it once sought to fill more efficiently.

We have observed  Nextdoor to be unpopular amongst many Ashford locals as a replacement for Streetlife and as such decided to reinvent Total Ashford as an online community and social network for the people of Ashford.

As noted, this has all happened very fast and we are therefore expecting there to be some teething problems. We hope overtime to provide a platform that recreates the best of what you enjoyed on Streetlife and to build on this further to create a valuable local asset for our town.

We look forward to seeing your enjoy Total Ashford. Please comment on this post with any feature suggestions, feedback or bugs that you find… we are listening!

Jonathan, Founder Total Ashford.


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