With Stronger Faith

Expressing the aspirations and determination of local women through a custom designed outfit

Strong women in Ashford who have had the faith to survive and thrive are contributing their stories to create a unique dress of empowerment.

Melissa Dawkins of Made In Ashford is working with Sam Griffin to create an outfit that will make a statement about empowering local women based on real life experiences.

This dress will be worn by Sam, a local resident and presenter on Radio Ashford, when she comperes the main stage at this year’s Create Festival in July, the first female to do so.

Ashford Borough Coat of Arms

The motto ‘With Stronger Faith’ is a phrase adapted from a poem by Richard Lovelace, the 17th Century poet and a member of the Lovelace family of Bethersden and was adopted by H Ellis Tomlinson, M.A., F.H.S. who designed the borough coat of arms as it was said to express the aspirations and determination of the borough council.

You can find out more about the coat of arms on the council website

Sam’s dress will incorporate hand written excerpts from the stories which are contributed. Sam and Mel are hoping to run an exhibition alongside the project, showcasing the creative process, the stories and imagery. It is hoped that through this journey of local women coming together, it will give faith to other ladies in times of adversity, through their own journeys.

If you are or know a woman who has a story to tell and who would be happy to share this in person or anonymously email Sam at beatthedrumpromotions18@gmail.com or post a letter to Made In Ashford, Park Mall, Ashford.
This story was originally posted on madeinashford.com

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