I came to talk to my Great Grandfather – one man’s very personal tribute

Listeners of Radio Ashford will have heard drivetime presenter Steve Monk talking about his planned trip to Ypres to find the grave of his Great Grandfather who gave his life along with thousands of others in the first world war.

Steve has made his visit and recorded every detail of this very personal mission in a blog.  It makes fascinating reading and is truly humbling.

Here is the opening text but you can read the full story and see the pictures by following the link to Steve’s blog.

“To get this right I planned it like a meticulous brigadier, I knew that I had to go, but like most things in life if you don’t get pushed they tend to get pushed back to the back burner.
I had planned to go in 2015, 100 years since Private George Brown’s death, but as above it came and went without me going.

I came up with a cunning plan, if I stated on my radio show that I was going and when, there was no way I was going to not go. So I did just that, mid-afternoon I said on air that this year I am going to Ypres to find my Great Grandfather and I’m going in October.
Now I had to do it, no excuses.  This is the story.”  Continue reading Steve’s Story

You can hear Steve on Radio Ashford 107.1fm Monday to Friday from 3pm to 7pm and on Rock Hard Tuesdays from 9pm.

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