• Jonathan-admin posted an update 2 years, 8 months ago

    @mikeshepherd has started a petition to install a new war memorial in a place more central within the memorial gardens which will allow all those attending the annual remembrance parade to watch without having an obstructed view.

    Mike is just 12 names short of the 100 needed – can you help?


    • I applaud the admin team for helping me post this post which I hope will be of interest to many of you who have in the past attended the Remembrance Service held in the memorial garden .The number of those attending has risen over the years which is welcomed by everyone.But now action needs to be taken to ensure that those attending are able to view the whole service without the Health and Safety of those attending being compromised.At first I called for the present monument to be moved to another place,however further investigation has found that the monument is a grade 2 listed building therefore it will not be moved.After a discussion with the Ashford Chair of the Royal British Legion the only viable solution is to have another monument erected within the grounds of the Memorial Gardens which will hopefully improve the line of sight for all those paying their respects on what is a very special day for all of us.If you agree with what I have done and would like to give your support then please do so by following the link mentioned.Just to end I would like to emphasise that this petition does not guarantee any action from the authority iwhich is Ashford Borough Council but hopefully it will trigger a meaningful discussion to take place between the council and the RBL .Thankyou for your support and many thanks to the Admin team of Total Ashford for allowing me to post this notice.

    • Just one more needed to reach the 100

      • This is brilliant news to come back to .Well done all of you who have taken the time to give me your support..Lets hope that 100 is reached this week.Thanks again Paul for all your help.