‘Nobody knows Ashford like we know Ashford’

10 years ago Radio Ashford was awarded the licence to broadcast across the Ashford urban area.

Despite recent hype from the local press about there only being one radio station in Kent after the demise of local Heart fm, (though it should be noted that they have amended that statement after many complaints), we can confirm that Ashford’s very own radio station is alive and well and attracting new listeners every week.

Broadcasting from Ashford town centre on 107.1fm, Radio Ashford presenters deliver a varied programme of popular, rock, blues and country music interspersed with local travel and news, 7 days a week.

Their strapline “Nobody knows Ashford like we know Ashford” is so apt given that many of the presenters have lived in or around Ashford since they were kids; they are old enough to remember the Tufton Centre with stores such as Presto and the Zodiac pub, Dusty’s Disco, and The Castle pub. If you want proof that they really know Ashford ask them about the Central Pie Shop!

When most of us are just waking up, Webbo is on air from 6am, Monday to Friday . You never quite know what to expect from the Wake up With Webbo Breakfast Show, which is half its charm. The show has games, guests, giveaways and ‘the greatest variety of music known to mankind’. Every day the Breakfast Show has a feature called Pub Patrol, where listeners can enter a draw to win a meal at a local pub.

At 10 am Webbo hands over to Phill Thorne, another seasoned presenter with a fun filled, fast moving show. Phill has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the local music scene and regularly has local artists performing live in the studio. Phill always has his ear to the ground for local stories and often has live phone interviews.

The next big show of the day is Ashford Hometime with Steve Monk. A fun packed afternoon show featuring games and teasers and occasional interviews. The second half of the show is themed around something and listeners are invited to work in a song around that theme. Throughout the show there are regular local traffic & travel updates to help get you home.

The schedule is packed with a wide variety of shows throughout the week and at weekends and will very soon be launching a brand new website that will make it easy to tune in online, find out more about the presenters and message the show.

Radio Ashford is funded by local business sponsors, without whom the station could not exist. If you would like to support your local radio station visit the website to find out how.

To find out more about what’s on Radio Ashford, tune in to 107.1fm or visit their website to listen online and don’t forget to check out the various show pages on Facebook to enter the latest competitions.

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